Children's Ministry

We consider children to be a vital part of our church community, and we encourage them to be involved in the life of our church in as many ways as possible.  

Sunday School

Our Sunday school classes meet an hour before our worship service begins in order to allow the children to participate in worship and learn from the sermon along with their parents.  We have three Sunday school classes, all of which are geared toward helping children to have a firm foundation of knowledge in Scripture and God's saving grace through Jesus.

For our Sunday School classes, we use the Bible Study Guide curriculum (link).  

Sunday Service

While we have a nursery for younger children during the service, we encourage children (who are able) to stay with their parents during the sermon.  During the service, children may serve as scripture readers, leaders in saying the Apostle's Creed, and musicians.  Children are encouraged to take notes on their clipboards and use the activities in their busy bags.  We also encourage children to take part in the discussion time at the end of the sermon.

...and more

  • Children currently donate money to buy goats for City of Joy Rwanda
  • Children help us serve those in need by packing food at Stop Hunger Now events
  • Every year during Passover, one of our pastors organizes a seder meal for the children in which they learn the history and meaning of the celebration and take part in speaking some Hebrew and eating some seder dishes
  • When children are ready to begin taking communion with us weekly, they attend a series of classes in which they ponder and discuss their faith while reviewing and further learning about the meaning of communion